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Founded in 2006, Men's Biz are one of Australia's leading online retailers of quality men's grooming products. After eight years in business, they decided to make the bold move from operating as a purely online presence to opening a physical store in Melbourne's iconic Royal Arcade as well. To coincide with this, Men's Biz approached ThoughtAssembly to rebrand the identity which in-turn led to the stationery, website (coming soon), packaging and signage for the store.

Utilising the classic typeface Plantin, the logotype features a custom apostrophe as a subtle typographic touch while the tagline 'Grooming for Men' is set in the modern typewriter font Pitch — a combination of the classic and the industrial, where the details are everything. A series of illustrated icons were designed to depict the ranges of products stocked in Men's Biz. These are used across the stationery, packaging and signage. With an emphasis on the physical and the tactile, the stationery was produced with letterpress, and signage elements include acid-etched brass plates.

Letterpress stationery by Taylor'd Press
Photography by James Morgan