Alquimie, Edition Two Close
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The second edition of Alquimie comprises of 172 pages of stories from the world of drinks.
Working with the flexibities of the masthead and cover design established from the first issue, edition two features a striking copper foil on the front cover along with the beautiful image of antique absinthe preperation by James Morgan.

From the publisher:
In edition two, we encourage you to explore a couple of drinks that you might not ordinarily contemplate. Our cover story on absinthe travels back to 18th century France and is intertwined with mysterious tones. Of more indulgent offerings, our bordeaux and whisky tastings are for relaxation and recommendation as to how best an arm-chair can be accompanied. In our tasting of an 1890 wine from Madeira the words of Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan are particularly apt; “The sea is dangerous and its storms terrible, but these obstacles have never been sufficient reason to remain ashore.”  


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