Alquimie, Edition Three Close
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From the publishers:

"With hints of five spice, freshly roasted coffee and fresh snow edition 3 of Alquimie covers a rich and diverse landscape. Our cover story features the writing of esteemed Swiss journalist Chandra Kurt as she casts a light on the indigenous varieties of Switzerland that remain a well guarded secret. Iconic Australian food writer Tony Tan researches and communicates his summation of the sub-regional cuisines of China. In The Palate, we taste champagne, volcanic wines, vodka, wines to match with paella and go on our usual search to find you value offerings.

Elsewhere in our publication we travel to Sicily, India and New York City. Of the latter we speak with Michel Couvreux — head sommelier of Per Se. Join us as we share a coffee with artist Mirka Mora, revisit the traditional Japanese preperation of mackeral, and mix up a classic whiskey sour."

Edition three of Alquimie features 160 pages with all design and art direction by ThoughtAssembly.

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