Selected Projects
Selected Projects
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Alquimie, Edition Five
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Alquimie, Edition Four
Tourism Tasmania x Alquimie
Alquimie, Edition Three
Men's Biz
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Alquimie, Edition Two
Principal 2013/14 Brochure
Alquimie, Edition One
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Involve Report 2012–13
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Profile & Contact
Profile & Contact

We build partnerships with our clients to understand their communication challenges. We apply our creative thinking and understanding of design to develop thought-provoking solutions to address commercial needs. During the course of the project we spend time meticulously crafting the detail while keeping an eye on the bigger picture.

Our approach is to combine the expression of original ideas that innovate, challenge and inform. Our response is always appropriate to the brief.

Level 1, 32 Wangaratta Street
Richmond, Victoria 3121 Australia

Telephone. +61 (0) 3 9029 5924
Twitter. @ThoughtAssembly
Instagram. @ThoughtAssembly 

For new business enquiries:

We do not currently offer an internship program, however, please send through your folio and we will endeavour to be in touch.

Currently there are no permanent positions available at ThoughtAssembly.

Web Development.

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Studio Journal
Studio Journal

Alquimie, Edition Two

We are extremely happy to announce the second edition of Alquimie!

Working closely with the editorial team, the second edition builds strongly off the design of the innaugral edition. With an extra 24 pages, this edition comes in at 172pp and combines photoshoots from the United Kingdom, Italy, Copenhagen, Spain and of course Australia.   

From the publisher:
"In edition two, we encourage you to explore a couple of drinks that you might not ordinarily contemplate. Our cover story on absinthe travels back to 18th century France and is intertwined with mysterious tones. Of more indulgent offerings, our bordeaux and whisky tastings are for relaxation and recommendation as to how best an arm-chair can be accompanied. In our tasting of an 1890 wine from Madeira the words of Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan are particularly apt; “The sea is dangerous and its storms terrible, but these obstacles have never been sufficient reason to remain ashore.”  

Visit to see more


Alquimie Edition One

With great pride, we can announce the innaugral edition of Alquimie!

To give more insight, Alquimie is a new quarterly publication that contemplates alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks — their origins and stories. Each edition explores wine, beer, spirits and coffee and extends to anything drinkable; tea, juices, water and beyond. The publication was created out of respect for the tried and tested drinks that instil comfort into daily routines. 

Featuring 152 pages of discussion covering wine, sake, gin, beer, coffee and a visual essay on the process of bocconcini Edition One of Alquimie is available across Australia for $18.00, as well as select locations around the world and online at

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Truffles and Champagne

In prelude to an upcoming project we are a part of, ThoughtAssembly attended the Chateau Yering truffle weekend on the 13th of July.

Saturday afternoon was spent at the picturesque Yarra Valley Truffle farm, learning about the ins and outs of an Australian truffiere. Truffle farmer, Stuart Dunbar, was a particular delight to listen to. His passion toward his craft, its spoils and also his truffle dog, Bear, were infectious and we all came away enamored by truffle culture. Our evening culminated with a truffle-centered dinner at Chateau Yering, where chef Mathew Macartney lived up to his stellar reputation, providing both vegetarian dairy-free and omnivore menus that exceeded expectations. The night was cohosted by Pommery Champagne with Pommery’s head cellar master matching all dishes specifically with a unique champagne variety—the jewel champagne, the 1999 Pommery Cuvée Loise, was a perfect match.

The entire experience was incredible and we look forward to attending more events like this in the future, not to mention revealing the related project.
Keep your eyes peeled in September! 

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2013 Victorian Honour Roll of Women

For the third year running, ThoughtAssembly were responsible for developing the event identity for the Victorian Honour Roll of Women — an awards initiative that recognises women whose lives and careers have significantly shaped communities and beyond for the benefit of all Victorians. This includes the design and production of certificates, booklets, nomination forms and invitations as well as the event signage, presentation templates etc. As the aesthetic has become a central and recognizable element of the Honour Roll event, the core design elements must remain essentially uniform each year. Thus, the challenge with this project is to develop a subtly unique look and feel for each element whilst still staying within the strict parameters of the event branding we created in 2010.

This year in order to achieve this, the topographical pattern, which is applied to the event collateral, has been delicately reformed. Similarly, the type treatment and booklet layout have been tactfully manipulated. These factors, paired with the utilization of the shade of purple that has become synonymous with the awards, result in an evolved and refined visual treatment for the project, which still fits within the structure of the Honour Roll’s succinct and clear identity.

Congratulations to this years twenty inductees! 

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961 x Rumi

With summer over but the heat still here in Melbourne, last night was perfect for the Melbourne Food & Wine event, The Origins of Beer: 961 at Rumi. A celebration of modern Lebanon, the night saw 5 courses of award-winning Rumi meals specially matched with 5 new Lebanese beers by the brewery 961 Beer. The head brewer and owner of 961 Beer, Mazen Hajjar, came out for the Australian introduction of the range and hosted the evening with historic tales of Lebanon and beer. From cheese cigars, to baked snapper with olive and almond sauce ... to BBQ quail and burnt eggplant, the beers and food worked harmoniously throughout the night but the surprise (for one lucky designer) was the heavier porter matched with dates and labne!

After designing the event identity and promotional pieces, ThoughtAssembly designed the menu's for the night (pictured), which included hand rolling the scrolls and applying the stickers only hours before the dinner.

Congratulations to Rumi and 961 Beer on a fantastic night — NC

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